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Press conference of Sheikh Jackson movie suspended following ‘indecent’ remark from star

The administration of El-Gouna Film Festival declared on Saturday that the press conference of the opening film of the festival [Sheikh Jackson] has been cancelled, adding that there will be new appointment for the conference in the upcoming days.

According to a statement released from the festival’s administration, there was no clear reason mentioned behind the sudden cancellation of the press conference for the opening film of the festival.

However, it has been alleged that during the opening ceremony, Al Fishawy, 36, criticized the bad display screen of the festival through which his movie was about to be screened.

“I do not know how it will be easy for us to watch the movie on this ‘dejecta’ display” he said.

His words generated unprecedented outrage among several actors who described him as “impolite,” calling him to release an immediate apology.