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Rare, deadly shark spotted at Gouna, north of Hurghada

A video showing the appearance of a dangerous mako shark in the al-Gouna area, north of Hurghada went viral on Saturday.

A diver in the al-Gouna and Hurghada region Karim Sherif, wrote on Facebook that two sharks had been spotted near Hurghada and El-Gouna.

He explained in a post that the presence of sharks at this time is normal due to the beginning of the mating and egg-laying season between April and July, and warned divers and swimmers to avoid deep or open water.

A source in the Red Sea reserves authority said that they had received a report about the appearance of a mako shark in the Abu-Minqar area, and monitoring and follow-up research teams were mobilized.

He stated that during the search operations no sharks were detected.

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