Saudi national shoots and kills two Egyptian construction workers

A Saudi national shot and killed two Egyptian construction workers in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates said on Tuesday.

Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Nabila Makram said that she is following up on the incident with the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia.

A statement for the ministry said that a fight erupted between the accused and the Egyptian workers while they were doing some construction work on a property owned by the Saudi man.

Makram said that the accused admitted to killing the victims and turned himself into police. The two men’s bodies are being kept in police custody pending investigations.

The two victims, Adel Abdel-Imam Hussein, born in 1983, and Ezz Eddin Mohamed Abdel-Shafi, born in 1967, are from the city of Nagaa Hammadi, in Egypt’s Qena Governorate, the statement said.

Makram called on Egyptian citizens not to be drawn into any false news on social media, stressing that the ministry immediately follows up on any incident affecting Egyptian citizens abroad.

She said that such incidents are rare, and do not reflect Saudi society, which treats Egyptians as brothers and sisters with historical ties.

“We trust the Saudi judiciary and that the perpetrator will receive his punishment according to the laws governing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” she said.

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