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Sisi carries out war inspection procedures of the Third Field Army

The Egyptian presidency’s spokesperson announced that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has carried out war inspection procedures for the Fourth Armored Division of the Third Field Army in Suez.

War inspection is intended to verify the readiness of a particular military group to carry out any mission assigned to it if an emergency occurs.

It is considered the highest mechanism followed by the armed forces to ensure the readiness of the army forces in terms of personnel and equipment, and to ensure combat readiness and plans to carry out any mission that requires it.

Sisi said that Egypt has sufficient power but assured it will only use it rationally.

Egypt has the strength to defend itself through reason and patience, adding that anger should never lead to making any inappropriate decisions.

Sisi continued saying that the army, with its strength and wisdom, does not harbor any grudges and that its goal is to protect Egypt and its national security without transgression.

Preserving the national security of Egypt is an essential and primary role of the armed forces, he said, including protecting borders in defense of Egypt’s interests.

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