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SNL Arabia suspended in Egypt over ‘sexual innuendos’

Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulations announced on Sunday it will be banning the entertainment show Saturday Night Live (SNL) Arabia from Egypt’s ON Entertainment channel for containing “sexual suggestions and phrases,” Saleh al-Sallhi, a member of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation said in an interview on the TeN channel.

According to al-Salhi, investigations were conducted by the Complaints Committee after the council’s monitoring committee reviewed several episodes from the show and noticed a consistent use of sexual suggestions “that can not be presented to Egyptian viewers as they violate ethical and professional criteria.”

“The ban is final until the show or the channel address the violations mentioned by the committee in the show,” al-Salhi said.

“The show contains gestures, inappropriate dress, provocative scenes and profane language which violate the moral standard of the Egyptian code of ethics,” he added.

SNL Arabia began airing in Egypt in 2016. They’ve just completed airing their fourth season.

Two of the show’s leading actors, Khaled Mansour and Shadi Alfons, are ex-performers of the well known political satire program Al Bernameg by Bassem Youssef. The show was critical of Egypt’s political events and it was cancelled in 2014.