Suicide cases on the rise throughout Egypt

A school janitor committed suicide on Thursday after employers at a school in Sharabiya, north of Cairo, recently fired him and he was subsequently unable to find work, security sources said.

Analysts say various pressures, primarily poverty and unemployment, continue to drive Egyptians to claim their own lives. 

Police investigations revealed that Abdu Anas Abdu, 30, hung himself from his bedroom ceiling out of frustration due to his employment situation, which made him unable to proceed with his marriage plans, sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

In a related context, Asrar Abul Yazid, the wife of the deceased Kafr al-Sheikh teacher Samir Abdel Badea, 48, demanded a legal panel to investigate the suicide of her husband who jumped from the fifth floor of the school building on 31 October. She suspects her spouse took the move because of  “aggrieved” feelings.

Abul Yazid claimed that when she visited her husband in the hospital after the incident, he blamed the school’s administration before police investigators. She added that her husband frequently complained of discrimination by the school’s staff.

An August report by the World Health Organization pointed out that suicide cases in Egypt have reached 2200 annually–about 183 deaths per month.

On 24 October, a 65-year-old mother jumped over a bridge in Qena, after she was financially unable to purchase her son’s medication.

And on Tuesday, a 30-year-old male from Minya took his life by drinking a poisoned glass of juice. The victim was unable to get a job to finance his marriage, despite having graduated from university eleven years earlier.

Translated from Arabic Edition.

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