Telecom Egypt CEO withdraws attempted murder accusation

Telecom Egypt CEO Mohamed Abdel Rahim on Tuesday withdrew an accusation he previously submitted to the Public Prosecution claiming five company employees attempted to murder him.

The employees, who worked at the company’s Opera branch, held Abdel Rahim hostage in his office on 12 October for a whole night during his visit to the branch.

Security forces succeeded in freeing Abdel Rahim, and the employees have been detained ever since.

The withdrawal came in anticipation of a rally the company staff said they plan to hold Tuesday afternoon. The company staff participating in the rally will head toward Smart Village, where they will hold a press conference.

An official company source said that “following their release, Abdel Rahim plans to accompany the detained staff members to the company’s Opera branch as a gesture to help resolve the company's problems."

Meanwhile, the Telecom Egypt dispute entered its 15th consecutive day as staff members demanded the “purification” of the company and the sacking of who they call its “corrupt leaders."

The staff members who intend to hold the rally did not comment on Abdel Rahim’s withdrawal of his accusation. The detained employees' release was the staff's first demand, followed by the dismissal of the company's CEO and his deputies.

During the past two weeks, protests have been held at most of the company's branches.

The Central Auditing Agency had previously monitored a number of violations related to incentives and rewards received by company executives as well as the allocation of company expenses for entertainment purposes.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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