Telecom Egypt to reduce land line to mobile tariffs

Telecom Egypt (TE) is planning to reduce tariffs for calls made from land lines to mobile phones. The company will also request the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to encourage mobile phone companies to reduce tariffs for mobile to land line calls.

TE Commercial Affairs Assistant Director Emad el-Azhari said the new tariff would be 15 piastres per minute, to be reduced further depending on customer response.

Another TE top official said that mobile phone companies sell mobile to mobile calls for 15-19 piastres per minute, whereas the cost to them for one minute is no more than 11.5 piastres, and they also sell mobile to land line calls for 60 piastres, while such calls cost them only 6.5 piastres.

TE has been competing to provide better services to its clients, which has prompted mobile phone companies to do the same, in order to keep their customer profiles.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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