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Video: ‘WATCH IT’ to broadcast Egyptian documentary ‘Om al-Donya’ on Thursday

The historical documentary series “Om al-Donya” (Mother of the World), the first of its kind which follows the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization from the beginning of history until the present day, will begin airing on Thursday on the WATCH IT platform.

The series begins by tracing the traces the development of the ancient Egyptians about 20,000 years ago, passing through the unification of the two lands, the era of building the pyramids, the first and second Intermediate Periods, the Hyksos kings and the prosperity of the kings of the New Kingdom until we reach the rule of Cleopatra and the end of the dynastic era.

“Om al-Donya’s” 15 episodes shed light on the historical material to link the scenes with important figures in the history of the Egypt and add to the historical material.

A large number of Egyptologists and modern Egyptian history professors participated in the making of the documentary, along with a committee of specialists in different fields to review all the information and historical contexts, in order to ensure an accurate portrayal of information.

The series is part of a large project to produce professional and scientific documentaries about the Egyptian state.

It is written and directed by Mahmoud Rashad, and airs every Thursday.

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