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West Bank prepares for labor strike in protest of Palestinian deaths: official media

From CNN's Irene Nasser and Mia Alberti

A West Bank-wide labor strike has been called for Sunday, a working day, over Palestinian deaths in Tulkarem in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian political faction Fatah said on Saturday, according to official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

The strike calls on people “to unite in support of our people,” Fatah said, according to WAFA.

The Palestinian Teachers Union said that a general strike will be adhered to at all schools, educational facilities, and the ministry, WAFA reported, adding that the General Union of Transport Workers also said it is committed to adhering to the strike.

Some context: The call for a general strike was announced after 14 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli military operation in Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarem, in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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