Women protest ban on female judges

More than 300 women from 50 human rights organizations staged a vigil on Thursday before the Egyptian State Council’s Cairo headquarters to protest the council’s refusal to appoint female judges.

"This decision violates the law and the principles of justice," said Nihad Abul Qomssan, head of the Egyptian Center for Human Rights.

Protesters demanded that judges be assessed according to their qualifications rather than their gender.

The National Council for Women (NCW) met the same day to discuss the issue. NCW Secretary-General Farkhonda Hassan described the decision as "shameful." "How can the State Council’s general assembly arrive at a recommendation that contradicts rules laid down by the Supreme Judiciary Council?" she asked.

As to the lawsuit filed by one NGO against the State Council, Hassan explained: "The State Council’s general assembly has issued recommendations, but hasn’t yet taken any final decisions that can be challenged in court."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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