3 illegal Egyptian migrants dead, 58 arrested

Three people died Tuesday in a chase between the Egyptian Coast Guard and two Italy-bound fishing boats attempting to carry migrants across the Mediterranean.

Security services announced Tuesday morning that they discovered over 100 Egyptians departing from the coastal city of Rashid, Beheira, attempting to enter Italy illegally.

The migrants sailed three miles before the two boats capsized. Fifty-eight people were arrested and others jumped into the sea as the Coast Guard approached. Three migrants drowned in the waters near Berket Ghalyoun.

The bodies of Adel Fathi Hassan and Alaa el-Bughdy were found by rescue teams and taken to Metoubas Hospital. A third corpse was discovered near Rashid and was brought to the public hospital.

Security cordoned off the site of the accident and authorities started investigating the network responsible for the operation. The boat owners will be referred to police prosecution for interrogation. Police are interrogating the arrestees about those who organized the attempted migration.

Meanwhile, the search for survivors continues.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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