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6th GFF edition postponed to a date yet to be determined later

The administration of El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) announced the postponement of the the sixth session of the festival, which was scheduled to be held from October 13 to 22, to a date yet to be determined later.

“In view of the vital role played by GFF in the art and tourism sectors, both locally and internationally, in view of current global challenges, and with the consequent need to develop an integrated strategy that will live up to the growing expectations of the festival as a leading platform for film, art, and culture, the decision was made to postpone the festival,” an official statement published on the GFF official website read.

The sixth session would be a strong reflection of the message of the El Gouna Film Festival since its launch in 2017, to become the most important cinematic platform regionally and globally in the near future, the statement added.

A diverse list of invitees will be drawn up to ensure the exchange of experiences between all generations and nationalities interested in the film industry, which has always been at the fore in the Arab and regional arena, which may be impossible to achieve under the current global circumstances, the statement continued.

The postponement decision was made out of keenness of the GFF administration to enhance the vital role that it plays at the technical and tourism levels locally and globally, taking into account the current global challenges that may impede the globalization and regionalization that the festival administration has been seeking to achieve and emphasize since its first session, according to the statement.

“This decision will allow more time to focus on both the artistic and organizational side of upcoming editions, while strengthening GFF’s ability to play its leading role and contribute to the development of the film industry regionally and internationally,” it read.

The statement concluded saying that festival’s organizing committee will announce preparations for the sixth edition periodically in the coming months.

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