Abbas in Cairo amid Palestinian popular support for Egypt

A Palestinian delegation that includes intellectuals, religious scholars, political powers and representatives of youth movements handed a statement of popular support to Egyptian Ambassador Yasser Osman.
The statement was handed on Sunday by the head of the delegation, the former Chief Judge of the Palestinian High Court Issa Abu Sharar. It has the signatures of over 550 Palestinian figures.
The statement praised “the stance of the majority of the Egyptian people," as they expressed their full solidarity with the Egyptian people and their revolution, "which has proved that the spirit of Egypt does not fade."
During a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador, Abou Sharar stressed that the Palestinians will not interfere in Egyptian affairs, but only want to express their hope for Egypt to overcome its crisis.
Abu Sharar urged the implementation of the roadmap set by the Egyptian army in coordination with Al-Azhar and Egyptian churches to pass through this difficult period.
Osman said that several parties were trying to drag Egypt into internal battles. He, however, reassured that “the compass shows Egypt to be heading in the right direction.”
Osman pointed to the importance of the participation of the Palestinian media, besides the Egyptian media, in clarifying the Palestinian position towards the developments in Egypt.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to head a senior delegation on Sunday on a short official visit to Egypt.
Palestinian sources said that Abbas will meet with Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour and senior Egyptian officials, to emphasize the Palestinian stance of non-interference in Egyptian internal affairs.
This is Abbas' first visit since the army ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsy. A phone call took place between the Palestinian president and Mansour a few days ago.
Edited translation from DPA

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