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Activists call for Harlem Shake outside Brotherhood headquarters

The global Harlem Shake phenomenon that is taking Egypt by storm could be performed yet again, but this time in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqqattam.

On Tuesday, a group created a Facebook page and made an open call for a “Harlem Shake-style protest" outside the Brotherhood building on Thursday at 7:30pm. The group, which does not have a formal name or leadership, also held an impromptu football match outside the headquarters last week.

More than 1,300 people said they would participate as of press time Tuesday.

The call is part of a campaign against the Brotherhood and its rise in political power since President Mohamed Morsy was elected. It also won a clear majority in the lower and upper house polls, which it expects to do again in the upcoming House of Representatives elections scheduled to start in April.

Organizers said they plan to stage a peaceful protest every Thursday evening, adding that all dancers should begin showing up at 6pm and that no one would be allowed to incite violence, vandalize property or take off clothing. However, they did ask protesters to don costumes and bring funny banners and posters.

The original Harlem Shake is a dance created in 1981 by a man known as Al B, from Harlem, New York. In February of this year a version of the dance went viral online after the release of a song with the same name by DJ Baauer, featuring celebrities and everyday citizens mimicking the arm, shoulder and hip movements posting the videos online.

Several people staged a Halem Shake event at the Giza Pyramids earlier this month. Four students were arrested during a similar event elsewhere in Cairo for being dressed inappropriately.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm