Egypt Independent

Activists protest rising food prices before Ministers Council

Members of the People's Free Front (PFF), Kefaya and 6 April opposition movements staged protests

against rising retail food prices on Monday before the Council of Ministers headquarters in Cairo.

Protesters brandished spoons and empty dishes to convey mounting fears of inflation-induced hunger.

Kefaya Coordinator Abdel Halim Kandil, who participated in the demonstration, said that Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif’s cabinet did not respect court rulings, pointing out that it had ignored an earlier Administrative Court order to raise the national minimum wage to LE1200 per month.

PFF Spokesman Essam Sherif attributed rising food prices to market monopolies resulting from what he described as "the marriage of money to power.”

Sherif went on to assert that 42 percent of Egyptian citizens were currently living under the poverty line.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.