Actress Hala Shiha defends her views on hijab

Actress Hala Shiha on the CutheCrap channel has defended her views on the headscarf (hijab), after receiving criticism for her stance on the headscarf’s role in Islam.

During an interview on CutheCrap, Hala stated her view that the hijab is not essential – citing evidence that it is mentioned in only half of the Quran.

“I did not say that the hijab is not an obligation. I am talking about the people who judge a woman’s faith through the hijab,” she added in Instagram story.

“There are other (practices) such as prayer, reading the Quran or fasting. It is unreasonable to insult a woman or accuse her of infidelity because she is unveiled, took the veil off, or still hesitant about putting it on,” she wrote, adding that only God can judge people.

“I respect all veiled women, and I am not against the veil. I’m against insults and accusations,” she stressed.

Photo credit: Hala Shiha’s official Instagram account

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