Egypt’s Public Prosecution arrests belly dancer Sama al-Masry

Public Prosecutor Hamada al-Sawy on Sunday ordered that belly dancer Sama al-Masry be detained for four days pending investigations over lawsuits filled against her by Egyptian TV host Reham Saeed and her attorney.

Saeed’s attorney filed over three lawsuits against Masry, with the latest on Thursday accusing her of libel and slander.

The attorney also slammed Saeed for uploading photos and videos onto her social media without any regard for public decency or morals.

In a statement on Sunday the prosecution said that Masry’s investigation will continue on Monday, with the results of the investigations to be announced later on.

The dancer was arrested on Friday following an arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecution.

She had previously criticized Saeed on her Instagram account and celebrated when Saeed’s show was suspended. Masry further ridiculed Saeed, saying she was only fit for a job as a maid at her house.

Masry is a belly dancer and actress who made her name doing commercial movies such as “Ala Wahda W nos” which addressed the exploitation of female media workers, causing controversy in 2011.

She also starred and danced opposite singer Mahmoud al-Lithy.

Masry gained criticism for her Youtube videos where she criticized the Muslim Brotherhood. In her fourth video she appeared in a headscarf, causing outrage. She also produced a video where she made fun of former US President Barack Obama in 2013, for which she gained notoriety.

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