Ain Shams, Azhar universities’ students strike demanding release of detained students


Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood students staged march in Al-Azhar University campus located in Nasr City demanding release of their mates detained during recent protests supporting deposed President Mohamed Morsy. They also called for dismissing Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb and the University President Osama al-Abd.

They chanted slogans against police and military.

Brotherhood students of the Faculty of Languages and Translation protested calling on their colleagues to strike. The faculty student union decided submitting memorandum to the university president for intervention to get the detained students released or hiring lawyers to defend them. They raised banners with words demanding freedom for the detained ones.

Faculty of Commerce students protested before the faculty and called on others to strike. Some refrained from entering mid-term exams.

High security was provided around the university on Saturday fearing riots by the Brotherhood students, following clashes on Friday. Four armored vehicles by central security were stationed before the university main gate. Five other police vehicles and dozens of central security soldiers were there.

Meanwhile, dozens of Azhar University Faculty of Engineering female students staged march inside campus calling for strike until the detainees are released. They also condemned death of abdel Ghani Gouda, a medicine faculty students, during violence of the university dormitories.

Other university students, of Morsy supporters, started on Saturday an open-ended strike, while others attended their classes.

The strike came in response to decision by the university student union on Friday to suspend classes until detained students are released.

The university student union in expected to hold press conference on Saturday to declare reasons of the strike.

However, the university issued statement on Saturday saying that lectures are ongoing at all faculties and that exams will take place on time. It added that whoever be absent, will fail the exams.

In related news, Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering resumed on Saturday, for the second consecutive day, their strike against exams until detained students are freed.

Several faculty departments announced taking part in the strike. Students issued statements to assure joining the strike until demands are fulfilled.

Students raised banners with the demands. Classes were empty of students.

Students of the university Faculty of Medicine abstained from entering the mid-term exams.

Abdel Rahman Fawzy, head of the faculty student union, said students started partial strike to demand the students’ release and object cabinet decision allowing security personnel enters university without their presidents approval.

In case demands were unmet, Fawzy added the strike will be generalized.

Meanwhile, the university student union issued statement supporting the fair demands and asserting their right to express themselves through peaceful protests or strikes.

The union also added its delegation will offer condolences to Ahar University student union over death of Gouda. They will also mull escalatory moves.


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