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Al-Qassam Brigades announces defeat of Israeli soldiers in Jabalia camp

The military spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu-Obaida, announced the defeat of an Israeli brigade in the Jabalia camp.

He added in a recording broadcast by Al-Jazeera on Saturday that “Our great heroic Mujahideen continue to teach the occupation lessons in all aspects of the fighting, relying on God and clinging to His strong rope, and defending their land against an oppressive and barbaric enemy.”

“Our Mujahideen were and still are on the lookout for the enemy forces. They carried out dozens of operations against Israel’s forces over the course of more than two weeks in Jabalia, Rafah, and Beit Hanoun, and in all areas of aggression and incursion.”

The most recent of these operations was carried out by the Mujahideen on Saturday afternoon in the northern Gaza Strip, where Al-Qassam forces lured Israeli soldiers into one of the tunnels in the Jabalia camp and ambushed them there.

Abu-Obaida explained that “Thanks to God and his strength, our Mujahideen were able to clash with the members of this force from zero distance. Then our Mujahideen attacked the support force that rushed to the place with explosive devices and hit it directly. Then our Mujahideen withdrew after blowing up the tunnel used in this operation.”

He continued that all members of the occupation force were killed, wounded and captured, and the Mujahideen seized their military equipment.

“Every day that the enemy spends in its aggression against our people will have a heavy price, and we will continue to make the enemy pay this price.”

The spokesperson assured that “We will continue to confront the aggression in every street, neighborhood, city and camp in our Strip from Beit Hanoun to Rafah, and we will reveal new details of these operations at the appropriate time.”


Israel’s ‘failures’

“The latest chapter of Zionist failure and confusion was what the enemy forces did and what they are carrying out to this day in terms of horrific crimes in Jabalia, Rafah, and other parts of our beloved land,” he said.

He added that the occupation forces continued to dig through the piles of rubble in search of the remains of some of their prisoners whom they had previously deliberately bombed.

Israel pushed thousands of soldiers into the alleys in Jabalia and elsewhere to search for bodies, sacrificing their soldiers for the sake of Netanyahu’s personal and private machinations and the interests of his extremist fascist government, he noted.

“The enemy government and its oppressive army continue their blind and absurd policy of revenge and destruction, moving from failure to failure and searching for delusional achievements to promote that their massacres and military pressure against our people,” he explained.

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