Egypt Independent

Alex plastered with brotherhood posters bearing religious slogan

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement this week kicked off its electoral campaigning in the coastal city of Alexandria, the streets of which have been plastered with posters bearing the group's electoral slogans.

The MB is currently using two electoral slogans–"Islam is the Solution" and "Together We’ll Change"–in the run-up to Egyptian parliamentary elections scheduled for 28 November.

The Supreme Electoral Commission had earlier issued a ban on the use of religiously-themed electoral slogans. Nevertheless, brotherhood MP Hamdi Hassan said the courts had deemed the group's traditional slogan as “political" rather than religious per se.

“So the commission can't enforce its ban on the slogan,” he said. “Since that would represent a violation of the law.”

Hassan urged the commission to streamline procedures for the acquisition of voting cards, contending that the authorities had deliberately impeded the electoral process by complicating such procedures in favor of the ruling National Democratic Party.

“Voters in my constituency haven't yet received their cards even though they applied for them in March,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.