Alexandria demonstrators continue protest for fourth day

Hundreds of demonstrators on Monday continued their sit-in in Saad Zaghloul Square, Alexandria for the fourth day in a row, despite a power cut to part of the square which left only four lampposts switched on.

Meanwhile, families of the revolution’s martyrs gathered before Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque and blocked the Corniche road, causing huge traffic jams, from 7pm Sunday until 7am Monday.

They call for expediting the trials of the police officers accused of killing demonstrators during the revolution.

“We will end our sit-in only when our demands are met,” said Ahmed Salam, a demonstrator.

The 25 January Revolutionary Youth Coalition, however, denounced the road blockage and called for demonstrating in a peaceful manner.

The demonstrators became happy after hearing that Prime Minister Essam Sharaf had resigned, but were soon disappointed to discover that it was a rumor.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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