All Egyptian mosques to be put under Endowment Ministry control: Minister

The Endowments Ministry has adopted a plan to put all mosques in Egypt under its authority, including mosques run by associations, said Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa.
"The Endowments Ministry is the only entity to exercise full power, in coordination with Azhar supervision, over all mosques in Egypt adhering to the moderate Azhar approach to religion," Gomaa said in a press statement. 
"The Constitution and the law do not allow any association to proselytize, in light of the Constitution article stating that Al-Azhar is responsible for such works in Egypt and the world. The ministry is working with pride under the umbrella of Al-Azhar."
The minister announced the development of an important strategy to prevent infringements on the endowment's funds. He announced the formation of a committee to reassess the value of the assets that were sold in the last ten years, and in the case of finding any manipulation, legal action would be taken.
Authorities have placed a number of measures to put mosques, charities and schools affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood under its control in a bid to curb the influence of the group. 
Edited translation from MENA 

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