All those killed Shaima al-Sabagh

Do you think he who shot Shaima al-Sabagh while she was holding roses to honor the martyrs is the only person responsible for her death?
There are many other murderers living among us. Those who justify the bloodshed they see with their own eyes, depending on their political inclinations, killed Shaima. The media that fabricates pictures and stories killed Shaima. Those who stupidly ask why she protested on that street in the first place killed Shaima. Those who discard the actual killer and search for hidden elements behind the act killed Shaima. Every official who talked about the blood of Shaima and did not talk about the blood of Sundus Reda, the 17-year-old girl who was killed in cold blood just hours before Shaima, killed Shaima.  
He who dares pull a trigger does so because there are those who make him believe he is doing a great thing. They think killing will build the nation. They consider others who renounce killing as unpatriotic.
Delusional is he who thinks an unjust state can prevail. Delusional is he who thinks stability walks on the skulls and blood of the innocent. What is happening is destroying the nation, instilling discord in the hearts of the people and inflaming revenge beyond forgiveness. What is happening makes killers get away with their crimes.
Shaima and Sundus were not terrorists to end up dead. The soil will not tolerate more blood. The curse of the blood will hit us all.

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