Amid sandstorm, elderly, people with respiratory diseases advised to avoid the outdoors

Egypt’s Ministry of Environment on Sunday advised elderly people, children, and those with chest and respiratory diseases to avoid being outdoors due to a sandstorm causing increased dust in the air.

According to the Ministry of Information’s official Facebook page, active winds that began on Saturday have stirred sand and dust throughout Cairo and the central Delta region, causing a high concentration of dust in the air in both regions.

More winds are expected on Monday, causing more sandstorms throughout Cairo, the Delta region, the north coast, and northern Upper Egypt. This is expected to continue through Wednesday, March 24.

Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad confirmed that the ministry’s central task force has established round the clock hotlines for any complaints related to air pollution. Those with concerns or complaints may call 19808 or message 01222693333 on WhatsApp.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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