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Amid ‘Star Wars’ secrecy, new cast members describe their characters

The next instalment in the "Star Wars" saga premieres in Los Angeles on Monday, one of the most highly anticipated movie releases of the year.
"The Force Awakens", the first "Star Wars" film in 10 years, has been cloaked in secrecy, with few details released.
Old hands Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo, Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill return in the movie.
They are joined by "Star Wars" newcomers Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie.
Here some of the cast describe their characters to Reuters:
Daisy Ridley on her character Rey 
"Rey is just a young woman. She's just a scavenger … living a mundane life. She works to eat. There's no emotional support around her, there's no one broadening her horizons.
And then she meets Finn and they go on this incredible adventure."
John Boyega on his character Finn 
"Finn is a Stormtrooper … he's someone who fights under The First Order. The First Order has obviously risen from the ashes of the Empire and wants to find a different path.
He is in constant conflict within himself and he crosses paths with Rey."
Oscar Isaac on his character Poe Dameron 
"The best pilot in the galaxy. He's got a black helmet, he believes in the force, he is committed to the resistance, he comes from a long line of rebel fighters.
He's a bit reckless, he has a problem with authority and he's eager to prove himself as a leader."
Adam Driver on his character Kylo Ren 
"There's something familiar about his costume that seems to very much be an homage to Darth Vader but how he behaves is maybe more unrefined and less in control than probably what people associate with the dark side, I'd say."
Lupita Nyong'o on her character Maz Kanata 
"You know her name, Maz Kanata, you know she's a pirate and you know she runs a bar."
Gwendoline Christie on her character Captain Phasma 
"She is the captain of the Stormtroopers, she is a member of the First Order and part of the dark side.
She's a (bounty hunter) Boba Fett style character and that means that she is not at the forefront of the action but she makes an impact."