Egypt Independent

Amr Moussa meets with religious leaders in Alexandria

Presidential hopeful Amr Moussa met with religious leaders in Alexandria on Sunday as part of his nationwide presidential election campaign, receiving a warm welcome from at least one imam.

“This man’s visit is like the sky sending the rain to the drought,” said the imam of the Ali al-Sammak Mosque in Alexandria, welcoming presidential candidate Amr Moussa as he attended prayers.

“We want you to provide food and shelter for our people Mr. President,” the imam told Moussa. “This great man will make Egypt lead the Arab world again,” he said.

“I came hear to listen, not to talk,” Moussa told the congregation in response, promising that he would do his best to solve the problems of the people.

After his visit to the mosque, Moussa responded to a request from Mar Girgis Church leaders by holding a closed meeting there.

He had earlier sat in a cafe and talked to the people there as part of his campaigning efforts.

Among his promises to the people of Alexandria, Moussa said he would form a ministry for people with spacial needs, and review the agreement for gas exports to Israel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition