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Salah or Liverpool?

Egyptians coming together after Iftar at cafes and at their homes to support beloved national hero Mohamed Salah during the...

Hamdy Rizq Hamdy Rizq 1 year ago

The Abdel Ghaffar Republic

When the El-Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence says that 13 people died in places of detention in...

Hamdy Rizq Hamdy Rizq 5 years ago

We won’t buy illusions, Mr President

“We shall never sell illusions to the people”. Yes, I believed you when you said so, Mr. president. You will...

Hamdy Rizq Hamdy Rizq 5 years ago

Essam al-Erian’s virtual sit-in

"I see tranquility in the eyes of the women before the men. ‘Soon will their multitude be put to flight,...

Hamdy Rizq Hamdy Rizq 7 years ago