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Q&A with Al-Kabeer’s Ahmed Mekky

This Ramadan season, actor, filmmaker, producer and rapper Ahmed Mekky presents “Al-Kabeer: Part 2” (The Great One: Part 2). The...

Mohsen Hosni Mohsen Hosni 9 years ago

Egyptian film industry expert: Cairo festival will maintain prestige

When the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) approved the cancellation of the 2011 Cairo International Film Festival due...

Mohsen Hosni Mohsen Hosni 9 years ago

Arab and Iranian films scoop trophies at Cannes festival

Film makers from the Arab world and Iran have scooped three prizes at this year's Cannes International Film Festival. Lebanese...

Mohsen Hosni Mohsen Hosni 9 years ago

Catholic film festival canceled due to security fears

Organizers of the Egyptian Catholic Center Film Festival canceled its 2011 edition, citing security risks. Due to recent sectarian unrest...

Mohsen Hosni Mohsen Hosni 9 years ago

Documentary film suggests Pharaohs knew cinematography

A recently released Egyptian documentary suggests Ancient Egyptians knew the basics of cinematography. Their sculptures depict scenes from their daily...

Mohsen Hosni Mohsen Hosni 10 years ago