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The most dangerous man in the world

(1) British daily newspaper The Guardian published an article two weeks ago about John Bolton, 71, the Trump Administration’s national...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 1 year ago

Slums and gated communities

Aristotle said in his book “Politics” that society undergoes successive phases that reflect its evolution. In the beginning, there was...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 5 years ago

Remembering Mohamed Nagy, an author of literary prominence

Last November, renowned author Mohamed Nagy left our world at 67, just as quietly as innovators do while we are...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 6 years ago

Egypt resists tyranny

Egypt saw two revolutionary waves in 30 months.   We described the uprising that broke out on 25 January 2011...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 7 years ago

Egypt’s revolution: Patchwork or sweeping reform?

Egyptian revolutionary struggle represents a continuing state of revolt that has extended over eras throughout which Egyptians strove to overcome...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 9 years ago

No citizenship without social justice

Since the adoption of neoliberal policies in the 1980s, many countries have suffered from inequality even though they have enjoyed...

Samir Morkous Samir Morkous 9 years ago