Average Egyptian household yearly expenditure LE3170

According to a report by the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center, the average Egyptian household yearly expenditure for 2008/2009 was LE3170. The report also said that 86 percent of Egypt’s poor are not satisfied with their economic conditions, but only 26 percent of that segment of Egyptian society take an interest in politics.

The report, titled “Conditions of Egypt’s Poor,” also found that medical insurance does not adequately cover the poorer segments of society, who have the most need for it, with coverage enjoyed by only 9.13 percent.

“The report reveals the deteriorating conditions of the poor,” said economics expert Ahmed el-Naggar. “The low family average expenditure that the report mentioned proves that the poor are suffering from harsh poverty.”

El-Naggar also explained that average expenditure was calculated on the basis of a family of four, which is not accurate as the average number of household members in poorer segments is much higher.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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