ElBaradei calls for national unity

Political reformer Mohamed ElBaradei called on Saturday on all national forces to hold an urgent meeting to prevent dragging the country into a state of chaos and violence.

Baradei wrote on his Twitter account, "The homeland is for all. Without an urgent dialogue and real consensus between all national forces, we will be dragged to more chaos and violence. Time is not on our side."

"We are still blundering between the revolutionary and constitutional legitimacy. We live in an absurd transitional phase devoid of vision and credibility. The only loser is the people. Fear God [while dealing with] Egypt," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Freedom and Justice Party MP Mohamed al-Beltagy, launched on his Facebook page three initiatives for "saving the country."

The first of these initiatives is the "reunification of the revolutionary national forces and uniting their line, and proving this through a mass demonstration on 20 April." The second is the "reconstitution of the Constituent Assembly in a way that emphasizes broad national consensus, without a controlling majority nor a disabling minority."

The third is that "all political forces, including the Muslim Brotherhood, agree on a single presidential candidate to confront the 'remnants' [of the Mubarak regime]," noting that that would be "difficult to implement [this initiative], though not impossible."

ElBaradei, a former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, had in February said he would not run in the presidential election that is scheduled for 23 and 24 May.

On Monday, ElBaradei announced that he is working on the establishment of the Thawra (Revolution) Party, which would be a nucleus for a coalition of the various civil forces to bring together all Egyptians.

ElBaradei said in a statement that he will be the representative of the party's founders. The statement made no mention of if ElBaradei is going to head the party when it is approved by parties committee.

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