Border troops thwart watch tower exploding attempt

Border troops, in collaboration with armed forces engineering authority elements, foiled an attempt on Wednesday to remotely explode a bomb near watch towers of the border troops in al-Barazil area in Rafah.
Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said on Facebook that security forces successfully defused 50 kg of explosive material that was allegedly placed by extremists from Gaza inside a plastic container, linked to an electric circuit to explode remotely through a mobile sim card.
In related news, Ali added that border troops carried out a “new strike” against smugglers through destroying 14 tunnels and a fuel cistern containing 300,000 liters of diesel fuel in Rafah. Two vehicles and a motorbike without number plates were found during the operation.
Troops also seized a truck loaded with 161 bags of marijuana, weighing 325 kg.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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