Bright Star 2017 raises capabilities of Egyptian-US troops on terrorism combat: Army Chief of Staff

Egyptian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazi, and acting ambassador of the United States to Egypt, Thomas Goldburger, witnessed on Wednesday the final stage of the Egyptian-US military exercise “Bright Star 2017,” that included a shooting project, implemented by mechanical and armored elements as well as special units, in Mohammed Nageb military base.

Lieutenant General Hegazi was briefed on the exercise’s tactical ideas related to maritime crossing operations through helicopter carrier Gamal Abd al-Nasser to secure the country’s maritime borders from terrorist threats.

The Egyptian and US troops proved high-levels of fighting readiness and coordination on developing attack operations and destroying the enemy’s front and back lineups within the battle, in cooperation with the main military branches and special forces.

Resumption of Bright star exercise reflects the deep partnership between Egypt and the United States, Hegazi clarified. It raised the capabilities of the two countries’ participating forces on eradicating the roots of terrorism worldwide.

Deputy Commander of the US Central Ground Forces Major General Micronic asserted that terrorism combat requires exerting huge efforts from Egypt, the United States and other brotherly and friendly countries which can participate in Bright Star exercises in the coming years.

The first stage of the Bright Star exercise included the training of Egyptian-US Special Forces on guerilla wars and evacuation works.

“Bright Star 2017’s final stage and project is attended by several Egyptian-US military commanders and representatives of 15 countries participating in the exercise as observers in addition to some scholars at military colleges and institutes.

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