Brotherhood specifies reform to prevent uprising in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, expects an uprising like that which took place in Tunisia to repeat itself in Egypt unless the regime adopts political and economic steps to reform.

The group withdrew from parliamentary elections that took place in November when none of its candidates won in the first round. It accused the ruling National Democratic Party using the help of security services to rig elections.

In a statement on Wednesday, the group said that conditions leading to the “blessed” uprising in Tunisia also exist in many other countries in the region. In order to prevent a “revolution” in Egypt, according to the statement, the government must abolish the state of emergency, dissolve parliament, hold free and fair elections for a new parliament, and amend the Constitution to guarantee freedom to compete in upcoming presidential elections under full judicial supervision.
The statement also called for swift and effective action to meet citizens’ critical needs by implementing real economic reform that would eliminate corruption, cancel fringe benefits given to ministers and senior state officials, and end natural gas sales to Israel.

The group also demanded the government to cut off relations with Israel, support the Palestinian resistance, release all political prisoners, guarantee the freedom to form political parties, abolish media restrictions, and bring to trial corrupt businessmen who made fortunes through illegal means.
Finally, the group called for a reinvigorated civil society and the abolition of security intervention in universities, schools, trade unions, NGOs and human rights organizations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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