Cairo Governor dissolves board at sexual abuse orphanage

A committee investigating alleged misconduct at el-Tofoula el-Saeeda orphanage has uncovered serious financial and administrative violations on the part of the orphanage’s management which, according to the committee’s report, necessitate the dissolution of the orphanage’s board of directors. Cairo Governor Abdel Azim Wazir, since receiving the committee’s report, has taken the decision to dissolve the board of directors.

Al-Masry Al-Youm previously reported on incidents of sexual abuse of children at the same orphanage.

Violations uncovered by the committee included funds allocated for purposes other than originally intended, serious legal and ethical violations, and a lack of permits for two of the association’s buildings.

The report also revealed serious staff shortages, a lack of specialized supervisors able to work with children, and the absence of any security guards.

Medical supervision of the medical center affiliated with the orphanage was found to be inadequate, according to the committee’s report, even though the Ministry of Health had granted the orphanage a permit to establish the center.

The report also mentioned how the orphanage had allowed a student accused of sexually abusing some children at the orphanage to stay there despite repeated complaints about his behavior.

According to the report, the management had mismanaged funds and land–a one-million bank deposit and LE300,000 in a current account, and a 18,100-square-meter plot of land.

The report also described a lack of activities for children, despite the fact the orphanage’s budget allocates around LE37 million for such activities.

Finally, the report criticized the procedure by which the board of directors was appointed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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