Can Egyptian women get half of their ex-husband’s fortune?

Professor of Islamic Thought and Philosophy at Al-Azhar University Amena Nosair sparked wide controversy by claiming that divorced women have the right to half the fortune of their ex-husband.

Nosair said that a woman has the right to get half of the husband’s wealth in the event of her divorce following 25 years of marriage.

Al-Masry Al-Youm polled the opinions of some experts on the controversial issue.

The president of the Divorced Club Abeer al-Ansari, currently living in England, said, “My divorce took place in England and I didn’t get anything, as he had no money.”

“The idea of a woman obtaining half of the husband’s wealth in the event of divorce is an acceptable idea and is developed so that the woman can spend on herself and her children after the divorce.”

She said that “We support women obtaining half of the husband’s wealth in the event of divorce.”

Ansari stressed that “After 25 years of marriage, a woman has spent her life and money, so she has the right to his money that he gained during marriage.”

She believes that such a law will greatly help in reducing the number of lawsuits before the courts and that this law will limit the divorce rate.

However lawyer Esam Ajaj rejected the idea entirely, stating that adopting this proposal would only force men to remain married unwillingly in order to keep their money, thereby leading to adultery and other issues.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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