In Cancun, industrial nations urged to finance clean energy projects

Cancun–The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change calls on industrial nations to help developing countries combat climate change by financing clean energy projects.

According to experts, Egypt could play a major role in generating clean energy through a major wind project located south of Suez. They also say that Egypt could become the largest producer of solar energy in the Middle East if it implemented solar-energy projects in the Western Desert and the oases, where humidity tends to be relatively low.

With adequate financing, experts say that Egypt could increase its total electricity production by as much as 50 percent, thus resolving its chronic energy shortages.

In related news, the United Nations Environment Program on Sunday announced that countries participating in the Cancun climate summit–which began on 29 November–had agreed on means of combating climate change, including the provision of assistance to developing nations with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For her part, Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, a speaker at the summit, predicted that conference participants would achieve tangible results.

“There are 60 environment ministers from all over the world in attendance,” she said. “That's a very good sign.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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