CBC denies reports of Abla Fahita suspension

The CBC channels group denied in a statement on Thursday that the Abla Fahita program had been suspended indefinitely upon a decision from the Supreme Council of Media Regulation.

“A large number of news websites published today in a timely manner that drew attention, a false news based on an unknown source, that the CBC channels decided to suspend [Abla Fahita] indefinitely and informed the program’s team of this decision, mentioning fabricated reasons in the news report,” the statement read.

CBC stressed that the news was unfounded, adding that the filming of the episodes of the current season of the program has concluded and will continue to be displayed throughout the month of March, as usual, until the end of the season.

The statement explained that news websites may have confused this false news with another report published Thursday by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation stating that the council had addressed the channel on several observations related to the Abla Fahita program, asking the channel to take necessary action to avoid it.

The Supreme Council of for Media Regulation sent a letter to CBC requesting the omission of explicit sexual references from Abla Fahita episodes, and from episodes on YouTube. It also requested they name the actor behind the famous Abla Fahita puppet – who thus far remains unknown to the public – in the title sequence, so that they can be held accountable if found to be at fault.

CBC said in its statement, however, that it has not yet received such a letter officially from the council, stressing respect and commitment to the council’s decisions.

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