Child abuse, murders and rape in Egypt

A report by the Sons of the Land Human Rights Foundation documented different types of child abuse in Egypt, in those afflicint  children who live below the poverty line.

The report, which was issued on Tuesday, stated that 85 cases of child abuse had been recorded in October alone, resulting in the deaths of 14. During the same month, 32 children were reported as having been raped, of whom 31 were raped by the same person.

Five children were found to have been recruited by a garbage collector to beg on the streets and give him the proceeds, while two others were found at a private clinic just before they were about to be sold.

The report said that the deaths of the children all took place in urban areas, while cases of child torture were recorded in rural areas, and one case of a five-year-old girl being raped was recorded in Fayoum.

The report concluded that Egypt does not implement international treaties for protecting children, and that Egyptian law on this matter has not been activated.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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