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Children’s corner: Kids’ furniture with a new perspective

In 2005, Hala Freiji and her husband decided to revolutionize Egypt’s interior design industry with innovative designs professionally crafted with the warmth of the natural, durable wood.

The name of their showroom NOKNOK, which has recently moved from Mohandessin to Maadi, refers to “knock on wood” for a good luck.

“We felt it had multi-meanings that reflect the multi-functionality and playfulness of our products,” says Freiji, the owner of the showroom.

Combining simple, modern lines with solid wood as well as multiplex – a type of plywood with layers of wood – NOKNOK is able to provide the successful formula of functionality, versatility, durability and originality.

The out-of-the-box designs are what distinguish NOKNOK’s products most.

“All of my models are original, but like any other designers I do get inspired by other historic designers and trends,” says Freiji. “We try to individualize our products in general by varying the colors and finishes as well as the type of wood we use.”

By specializing in custom-made furniture, NOKNOK has succeeded in making its mark on the local market. Besides customizing locally manufactured furnishings for individual clients, the store has also furnished school libraries, kindergarten classrooms, and offices. 

Seeking to reach a broad spectrum of clients, NOKNOK furniture collections are characterized by high-quality finish and reasonable prices. From comfortable beds to practical tables and shelves, creative closets to multi-sized cabinets, their collections cater to both children and teens.

Beside furnishing, you can also accessorize your kids’ bedrooms from an extensive, colorful collection of home accessories such as wooden flower-shaped frames, lighting fixtures, jewelry boxes and trash bins.

Before launching her own business in 2005, Freiji produced furniture pieces in a workshop that belonged to the Wadi Group of Companies. She was prompted to take her craft to the professional level by encouragement from her friends and family and the positive response to her designs.  

The demand for multi-functional, practical and natural furniture for kids on the local market, according to Feriji and her husband, has contributed to their business.

“So it started out as a side hobby stemming from a need and developed into business of its own,” she says. 

“Our goal is to have sustainable, durable, environmentally-friendly furniture using local wood in natural finishing with the least disruption to nature by recycling old solid wood.”

Address: 20 Zahraa St., Nerco, New Maadi, Cairo, Tel.: +202 3302 8488, 012-106-1358, Website:

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