Communique to prosecutor general to stop Al-Jazeera 2 movie for allegedly fomenting blood feud

Mohsen Dawoud, a presenter of the state-run television, sent a communique to the prosecutor general requesting to stop the film Al-Jazeera 2 for allegedly fomenting a blood feud and prohibiting reconciliation between families, which hampers police efforts for social peace.
Dawoud called on the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the National Council for Human Rights, the Journalists Syndicate, the Al-Azhar institutions, the church and all national figures to support him.
He said he is against anything that sheds the blood of Egyptians and calls for chaos.
The film tackles political events that took place in Egypt recently. It is a sequence of another film by the same title that was shown a few years ago, starring Ahmed al-Sakka, Hend Sabri, Khaled Saleh and Khaled al-Sawy, and directed by Sherif Arafa. 
According to the Egyptian Film Chamber, it made some LE20 million (about US$7 million) during the Eid al-Adha vacation. It cost LE40 million to produce because locations had to be changed frequently.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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