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Court to rule on appeal of Khaled Saeed torturers in December

The Court of Cassation is scheduled to rule in December on the appeal of two policemen who were convicted of torturing Khaled Saeed to death.

Alexandria Criminal Court sentenced Mahmoud Salah and Awad Suleiman to seven years imprisonment in October 2011 for the unjustified arrest and physical torture of Saeed.

In a 10-minute session Thursday, the defense said the ruling was marred by inadequate evidence and erroneous implementation of the law.

Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud had referred the two policemen to the criminal court in July 2010 following an investigation into the activist's death.

Saeed was killed on 6 June 2010 after being beaten by two policemen, who had arrested him at an Internet cafe in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria. He was reportedly arrested after he uploaded videos on the Internet showing police officers torturing prisoners.

His killing became a symbol of police brutality, and is believed to have been a spark for the 25 January revolution. The medical examiner's report prompted controversy after it ruled out the possibility of murder and said Saeed asphyxiated after he swallowed a bag of marijuana to hide it from police.

Edited translation from MENA