Egypt Independent

Dust storms close harbors

Harbors in Alexandria, Suez and Kafr al-Sheikh governorates closed Tuesday because of dust storms and bad weather.

Alexandria harbor authorities decided to close Alexandria and Dekheila harbors because of bad weather conditions, high waves and high winds.

Major General Al-Sayed Hamed Hedaya, head of the maritime transport sector and supervisor of Alexandria harbor, said the two harbors were closed to prevent ships from crashing and to preserve maritime safety.

A source from the Red Sea Harbors Authority in Suez said Port Tawfik, Zaytetyat al-Pertoli, Adabeya, Atka and Sokhna were closed. They are expected to be opened again before midnight.

Boghazy al-Borollos and fishing harbors were closed due to high winds and bad weather. Officials banned boats from fishing at the Mediterranean.

Strong winds swept through the cities and villages of Kafr al-Sheikh Governorate. Poor visibility caused difficulties for drivers on the roads.

An accident on the coastal international road caused six injuries when two cars collided near Baltim. The victims were transferred to Baltim Central Hospital and are in stable condition.