Ecuador’s Sangay volcano erupts, spews ash 8 kilometers

Ecuador’s Sangay volcano erupted on Thursday, spewing clouds of ash as high as 8,500 meters (about 28, 890 feet) into the sky.

The sky of Riobamba, the capital of the province of Chimborazo, was overcast by an ash cloud. Riobamba is at least 50 kilometers away from the volcano. 

The Sangay volcano has recorded activity over the past few weeks, and ash spurted from the volcano has damaged crops and cattle in several areas.

The Sangay volcano’s previous moderate eruptions had little impact on Ecuador’s population, as the volcano is located in a jungle in the Morona Santiago province. 

Activities suspended

The country’s emergency service said public and private activities in Chimborazo were suspended after five cantons received “significant” ash fall.

People have been advised to wear protection for their eyes, mouths and noses and remain home.

The volcano has been in an eruptive stage since 2019, according to the IGEPN, a geophysical institute.

Ecuador, part of the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire” region, has eight volcanoes in its territory.

By DW News

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