Education minister makes surprise visits, punishes teachers

Minister of Education Ahmed Zaki Badr toured a number of schools in Helwan Governorate yesterday, citing violations and issuing punishments.

Badr’s tour began with a surprise visit to El-Kholafa’ El-Rashideen School. The school’s headmaster did not arrive for work until after the first class ended. "Do you feel a pricking of conscience?" Badr asked the headmaster. "I do," the headmaster replied.

The education minister wrote a sentence on the blackboard in one classrooms and asked the students to analyze its grammar. Badr was infuriated with their failure to answer.

Badr also complained that the morning assembly was not regularly organized, and discovered an absence of supervision on the teaching schedule.

Badr ordered the ministry to transfer the headmaster and the teaching staff to other school districts.

The school’s facilities were also in poor condition, particularly the bathrooms. Badr also visited the activity rooms. At the library, the education minister requested a book and the librarian failed to bring it.

Badr revoked the contracts of teachers physical and agricultural education. He also expelled one student for 15 days for coming to school without his school supplies.

The minister then moved to el-Zahraa Secondary Girls School, where he noticed the absence of a number of teaching staff. He conversed with students about their level in Arabic language and then delivered a geometry lesson.

Badr had two Arabic teachers transferred to other school districts.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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