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Egypt and Cyprus sign memorandum for the electrical interconnection

The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cypriot Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, to study the establishment of an electrical interconnection project between Egypt and Cyprus.

A statement from the Egyptian ministry said that the move comes to provide direct connection for the exchange of electricity between the two countries.

This infrastructure project will have common public benefits.

It aims to establish a strong interconnection network between Egypt and Cyprus to improve energy supply security, stimulate regional cooperation and prosperity.

The project includes the establishment of lines to transmit large quantities of electrical energy generated from renewable energy, promote further development and increase the participation of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker and his accompanying delegation visited Cyprus earlier in October to discuss joint cooperation regarding electrical interconnection between Egypt and Cyprus.

The two nations share strong bonds across many areas owing to geographic proximity and cultural blending between the two countries.

The electrical interconnection between the north and south of the Mediterranean Sea will work to absorb the huge electrical capacities that will be generated from the clean energies that abound in the African continent.

The project represents an important part of the current strategic relations between the two parties, which accelerates the development of the energy corridor by increasing the supply of electric power to Egypt and Cyprus while achieving a balance in energy demand.

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