Egypt Appreciates EU countries’ Recognition of State of Palestine: Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid said Egypt appreciated a US three-phase proposal for reaching a full and complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as it could lead to achieve required truce and stop bloodshed.

Abu Zeid said in televised remarks that all countries agreed on the ceasefire proposal and the exchange of detainees and hostages.

However, the Israeli response to President Biden’s initiative is still unclear, he further noted.

Egypt is addressing the humanitarian assistance file, with several axes; including holding intensive contacts with the US side, the spokesman said.

Egypt is flexibly dealing with the entry of assistance via Kerem Shalom crossing, the spokesman said, noting that as many as 950 trucks were allowed into the war-torn Strip over the past week.

Abu Zeid said all visits paid by Egyptian officials at the international level aimed at stressing the necessity of reaching complete ceasefire and implementing UN Security Council resolutions to ensure the safe delivery of aid into the coastal enclave and the need of opening all crossings.

He said all measures to forcibly displace the Palestinian people and torpedo the Palestinian cause are categorically rejected.

Several European countries have already recognized the State of Palestine, a matter that gave hope to the Palestinian people to establish their independent state.

The spokesman concluded by stressing that the Egyptian state sends messages of appreciation to European countries, which officially recognized the State of Palestine.

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