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Egypt close to completing Giza Pyramids area development

Egypt is close to completing its development project at the Giza pyramids area, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Orascom Pyramids Projects Amr Gazzarin told RT.

A major shift has been made in the area, he said, making it more worthy of the ancient heritage surrounding it.

The company has completed 90 percent of all construction work to develop the pyramids area, Gazzarin added, stressing that the area will be ready to operate at full capacity within less than a month.

A reception building was constructed to receive tourists and visitors via the latest international systems, he explained, while still maintaining the aesthetics of the area.

Gazzarin added that it was built to prepare tourists to visit the pyramids area.

To do so, it includes stories about ancient Egyptian royalty hanging on the walls, and murals that include a full explanation of the region, as well as a cinema to show tourists a documentary film about the story of building the pyramids, narrated by Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass and US actor Kevin Costner.

He pointed out that a VIP building was constructed largely equipped to receive tourist delegations, and to provide a review of the pyramids visit trip.

A route has been set for the tourist’s journey in the pyramids area through seven stations aimed at presenting the pyramids in a unique manner, he said, adding that transportation between the seven stations will be through electric buses.

Each station has a service area equipped with places to serve soft drinks, bathrooms and bazaars to buy gifts, he added, alongside a medical center to provide quick medical aid to tourists if necessary.

Gazzarin added that people with disabilities were taken into account, as the company designed special areas for them.

And in a first, the company aims to employ disabled youth who have the ability to receive tourists and provide information about the trip to visitors inside the pyramids, with Gazzarin noting that the project has provided many job opportunities for Egyptian youth.

For the tourist walkway from the Grand Egyptian Museum to the Pyramids area, he explained that coordination is underway for the required preparations.

The pyramids development project aims largely to improve the reputation of the area, Gazzarin said, and noted that informal labor working in the region randomly has distorted the image of Egyptian tourist destinations.

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