Egypt detains 29 suspected of Turkey espionage

Top prosecutor Nabil Sadek ordered the detention of 29 suspects for 15 days for charges of espionage on behalf of Turkey, membership of a terrorist organization, money laundering, and illegal currency transactions on the black market.

According to the General Intelligence investigations, Turkish security and intelligence services developed a scheme with Muslim Brotherhood members to remove the current regime and bring the Muslim Brotherhood back into power.

Investigations found that conspirators took two main steps to achieve their objectives.

First, they recorded calls and collected intelligence information, including monitoring the opinions of various social groups and classes in Egypt.

The information was then used by Turkish intelligence to recruit agents to commit hostile acts against the Egyptian state, according to the findings of the investigation.

Muslim Brotherhood members, both inside and outside of Egypt, are found to have taken part in the scheme.

The second step was deliberately circulating false information and rumors through Egyptian media outlets, seeking to negatively impact public opinion against state institutions.

After prosecutors gave permission, calls and meetings carried out by suspects have been recorded over the past few months.

The Supreme State Security Prosecutors raided the houses of suspects, seizing highly-technical electronic devices they are believed to have used.

Edited translation from MENA

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